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 8/7-As the doldrums settle in there are still a lot decent fish for those that are willing to work for them.   Sea bass and porgy fishing is the best it's been in years, however, since the water has warmed, move out to at least 55' to 60' of water or the deeper wrecks and rock piles. And CHUM!!!!  There are lots of Fluke still around, but again, move out to deeper water and if you get into tons of shorts and sea robins MOVE!  Blues are all over the place working over all the bait in the sound.  Tons of bunker, peanuts, sand eels, snappers and spearing, more than i have seen in over forty years, makes it hard to get the fish to hit.  We have seen some stripers to about thirty pounds, but they have been far and few between, probably due to so much bait in the water.  Better fishing has been to the east of us.

Surf fishermen have been singing the blues, not the fish, but that's typical for this time of the year.  If you stick to wee hour fishing and move around there are quality stripers and blues to be caught. Small blues two to four pounds have been running the beaches early morning and at dusk feeding on the huge amount of bait, snappers and peanut bunker mostly, and are tacking small tins, bucktails and poppers. Big porgies are still being caught mixing in with the smaller fish on sandworms and salted clams.  Snappers are big enough to catch now and are in the harbors and along the open beaches.

6/21-Fluke fishing is great both inshore and off shore with a lot of shorts, but enough keepers to keep everyone happy.  Porgies are huge and plentiful  at most of the rocky areas and beaches from Sound Beach through Riverhead.  Late night surfcaster are producing Stripers to 25lbs mixed with Blues feeding on bunker. Boaters are getting them on live eels, bunker and diamond jigs from the buoys out to 90' of water.




Here are a few of the pics of the Goliath grouper – As I said  I got him on a 7ft st croix surf rod with a vs100 platinum reel - the smallest reel they make, rigged with 20lb power pro braid and a Stan henchel 20lb leader

Normally when you fish for these bad boys you use a serious stick rigged with 50lb braid and 80 lb. leader material – especially in 70ft of water simply to prevent an abrasion cut


If you notice there is a smaller red grouper on the hook at the same time - I was using whole squid


What must have happened was - I originally hit the red grouper (smaller one ) – I was taking him up when the goliath inhaled the red grouper


I'd say this grouper is somewhere around 300 lbs. – I had a grouper guide/friend look at the pics and he thinks it’s closer to 400lb but who knows, The red grouper which is ALSO hanging on the hook by his mouth ( I guess the goliath spit him out during the battle is between 18” and 24” long


They are both on the same hook – a 3/0 circle hook – once you get a fish on the circle hook – they do NOT come off – the line will break before the circle comes out


He took 1.5 hrs. to land in 70 ft of water - there was no way to muscle the fish because the stick was so small – we had to follow him for a while with the boat ( a tidewater bay boat)



Regarding the leaders

When you are ready to send me the leaders ( 15 two-leader packs will be fine) and you know the total including shipping and tax (if applicable) just email me or call me and I will call you back with the credit card info


I'm going out for some giant redfish tomorrow morning – I found an awesome grass flat where they have been tailing so I'm going to concentrate on them tomorrow with a fly rod


Life is good – this place is a fisherman’s paradise


I threw in one picture of really nice snook I landed at Stump Pass – that's two inlets north of Boca Grande – you can catch these fish up to 45 lb. all night long if you want .. they are awesome – they are just like big stripers you get at Montauk except they do NOT GIVE UP – they jump like tarpon and they make three to four runs – just when you thought you were going to land him – he goes again


Thanks Stan





6/2-This past weeks fishing, locally, finally got to the point of being worth reporting about.  Besides sightings of Beluga Wales off Cedar beach and the fish kill in the Peconic the Fluke fishing busted wide open in 10' to 15' of water from Rocky Point through Mount Sinai using squid and spearing/sand eel combos. Big Porgies to 3lbs. made a showing at Hallock Landing along with Blues 5 to 12lbs and keeper Stripers to 36". Bait is everywhere! There was even a few 5lb. weakfish caught.

5/14-Things are finally getting on there way! As of today the sound is loaded with bunker, herring and shad are scattered.  Squid are present also. There are hoards of Stripers from 20" to 27" in the harbors and on the local beaches with more keepers being reported every day.  Blues from 5 to 7lbs are roaming the waters both in and off shore.  If Flounder is what you want I would suggest Huntington and Northport harbors.  Porgies and a few Fluke have been caught off the local beaches this past week.

Big blues to 15lbs. have been reported from Davis Park to Shinnecock mixed with school sized Stripers, some about 15lbs.

Big Porgies finally showed in the Peconic, some to 4lbs.  A few Weakfish have also been reported.

3/17-Open for business.

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Updated Friday, August 07, 2015

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